What does it mean to be Human?

         Humans have the same instinct to survive as animals but what sets us apart is the feeling of determination. Determination is the frame of mind to come back from something horrific. Sometimes, we lose the determination within ourselves to keep on fighting for what we believe is right and we might need some help from our loved ones to help us up when we fall. Though as humans, we hate to admit that we make mistakes, we do but it is not the mistakes that makes us but what we do after those mistakes.

  • ” To him who is determined it remains only  to act.”-Italian Proverb

     This quote fits the theme of determination quite well since without that action piece, determination is completely worthless. If someone is determined to do something, then they do not act, it is meaningless. Determination comes in two parts; the first part is the state of mind, the desire to achieve something beyond what is believed as possible. The second part has to be action since just saying that you are determined is nothing. Actions speak louder than words.

     Life is like a mountain, full of challenges that one has to overcome in order to fulfill life. When a person begins the journey, it is a smooth climb until the first roadblock hits. It discourages a person but what keeps them going is the fact that there will be something better on the other side of the mountain. With that state of mind, a person keeps struggling and struggling through life until they get to the top of the mountain.  The state of mind known as determination, is looking for something better in life and the action is to struggle through those hardships to get a better reward.

     Going through harsh issues like homelessness, a disease, something traumatic in one’s life and other  roadblocks may seem impossible to overcome but as long as there is hope in the future, a person can be determined to go through anything. Some actions may be small but others can affect large groups of people because a person chose to never give up.